Thursday, March 11, 2010

Strange sighting

We went to lunch at Cleveland today. Visiting the small room, I was surprised to see this sign:


  1. Good heavens! - imagine education lessons in water preservation at urinals!
    Just think that within an hour of all urinals being utilised in Brisbane, the water capacity for "putting" to use after chemical analysis and being made suitable by various methods, the water supplies in the dams and reservoirs would be always full.
    This is a "major breakthrough" for industry, people and livestock.
    The "establishment" that has placed this notice should be congratulated and rewarded for enterprise.
    Have you any idea of where this place is - I believe Government agencies should be alerted to start taking notice of "water recyclining" practices. Brilliant detective work, BB.


  2. Yeah I know where it is HB, I took the photo. A mate of mine insisted I go in there and take a photo, so I did.